We understand that the loss of someone close to you is a deeply personal experience. Setting up a tribute page in honour of your loved one is a unique way to keep their memory alive.

Friends and family can join together to share special memories, photos and moments in one online space. People can also choose to donate to support the work Leuchie does, which can be especially poignant if Leuchie was a place important to your loved one during their lifetime. Memories are such an important part of our lives and we know many wonderful ones are made at Leuchie.

We have partnered with MuchLoved, a bereavement charity which helps people to create these online memorials. You can set up a tribute quickly and easily using the button below and, because it is personal to you, you have the choice of how and when it is added to. (The video below talks you through the process). Any gifts made in memory on the page will help us to continue to care for people with long-term neurological conditions like MS, MND & stroke through individualised short breaks.

"Margaret was such a caring person that my sons and I wanted to help fund something at Leuchie in her memory that would benefit as many people as possible."