Care Inspectorate Report

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Leuchie House was awarded the highest score possible (6 - excellent) in four categories and the next highest (5 – very good) in a fifth category following an unannounced inspection by the Care Inspectorate in January 2020.

These scores are amongst the highest in Scotland, rating Leuchie as a sector-leading provider in care. They are broken down into quality of care and support; quality of staffing; quality of leadership; how well people’s wellbeing is supported; and quality of setting.

The report notes: “Guests experienced respectful and compassionate care at each stage of their interaction with the service” And: “There is a clear vision in Leuchie House that is inspiring and promotes equality and inclusion for all.”

We were delighted to learn that Iain Gray, MSP, East Lothian recently tabled a parliamentary motion (read it here) to recognise this achievement and Leuchie’s role in supporting the NHS to release hospital beds during the current emergency.

Prior to their recent inspection, The Care Inspectorate sent Care Satisfaction Questionnaires (CSQ) to 30 guests and received 14 responses. The report writes that all guests agreed or strongly agreed that they were overall happy with the quality of care and support in Leuchie House. One respondent who completed a CSQ said, "This sets the standard that all care organisations should strive to achieve...staff, location, facilities and activities are tailored to each individual's requirements...."

The report went on to say that during inspection, guests and their carers freely told them about the importance of the service in their lives. One guest said, "I see staff engaging with people and they are extremely lovely. Special people do the job!"

Another said that they felt 50% of the person they should be coming in, but felt great going home, and yet another told the inspectors about the significance of Leuchie House in helping them keep their family together.

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