Centre for Enabling Technology

Leuchie’s vision is a world in which the independent potential of everyone living with a neurological condition is maximised by harnessing technology. Our experience shows us that this gives carers back time, lowers risk and reduces the cost of care. Building on this vision, we have embarked on a journey towards establishing the Centre for Enabling Technology within Leuchie House.

We now offer 1-2-1 digital skills sessions and assistive technology workshops for guests. We have integrated SMART technology into all of our bedrooms and created a SMART flat comprising a kitchen, living area, bedroom and ensuite bathroom which will allow you to test and trial available technologies and products for yourselves, such as the Obi adaptive eating device.

Qt: Using enabling technology to promote independence and wellbeing

We’re excited to be able to work with you, should you wish, to find enabling technology solutions that can help you to maximise your independence both during your break at Leuchie, and after you’ve returned home.

The help our Enabling Technology has given recently has included:

Many of our guests take us up on our offer to help with enabling technology and we're delighted to see such enthusiasm and engagement with the tech we now have.

Leuchie, having embraced the use of digital connectivity, technology and equipment that can literally transform lives, received recognition for this work when we were named winner of the Digital Citizen prize at the 2022 Scottish Charity Awards.

Scottish Charity Award Winner 2022