Enabling Technology

Leuchie's vision is a world in which the independent potential of everyone living with a neurological condition is maximised by harnessing technology. Our experience shows us that this gives carers back time, lowers risk and reduces the cost of care. Building on this vision, we have embarked on a journey towards establishing the Centre for Enabling Technology within Leuchie House.

Because we can welcome people to stay at Leuchie overnight, we can undertake the kind of assessments which are impossible in a few hours in a home setting. We can learn about an individual's priorities and capabilities and go through the lengthy process of identifying, adapting and training both people and technology to return independence.

The benefits impact the individual in tangible ways, and also reduce the burden of care on loved ones and on society at large.

Over time, as we assess more guests and visitors, we will build a profile database, matching peoples' conditions and the way they present with the technology that most suit their needs. This will mean that people will not have to physically visit our facility and allow Leuchie to provide outreach support.