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Transform lives through Payroll Giving

If you are an employee, Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn) is a quick, easy and tax efficient way to support the work Leuchie does.

Payroll Giving is managed by your employer and allows you to donate to charity directly from your salary, before you are taxed, meaning it actually costs you less to donate!

How Payroll Giving works

Your gift will provide people and their families, who are affected by neurological conditions like MS, MND, Parkinson’s and stroke, with a vital break when they desperately need it. Click this link to find out more about Leuchie’s commitment to supporting the families who rely on us.

"I give to Leuchie through Payroll Giving because it is so easy to do, and an ongoing gift feels more helpful to the charity. It also enables me to donate more because the donation is made before my wage is taxed." - Payroll Giving donor

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Want some more info about Payroll Giving?

How does Payroll Giving work?

It’s easy! Get in touch to let us know you would like to set up a gift like this and if the company you work for operates a Payroll Giving scheme, we will notify your HR department that you would like to set up a regular donation to us in this way.

If your company does not operate a scheme, we will let you know and, if you would still like to donate to us, you can do so by setting up a Standing Order or Direct Debit. You can also encourage your employer to consider setting up a scheme.

How do I know that you have received my donation?

Provided we have your details, we will write or email you to thank you. Your deduction will also appear on your payslip.

How is Payroll Giving different to a Direct Debit?

Payroll Giving donations are taken straight from your gross (pre-tax) pay, so Leuchie does not need to claim back the Gift Aid – this saves extra work! If you are a higher rate taxpayer, Payroll Giving allows us to automatically receive all your tax on your donations.

What happens if I want to stop giving or change the amount?

Just notify your HR department directly - it's that easy!

What happens if I leave my job?

Your Payroll Giving deduction will automatically stop when you leave your job. We’d love it if you decided to set this up again at your new job, but if you cannot and still wish to give, you can get in touch to set up a regular donation.

Can I give through my pension?

Yes, if your pension provider deducts tax through the PAYE system, you just need to ask your occupational pension provider to make your donation from your pension before tax has been deducted.

What can I do if my employer doesn’t have a scheme in place?

You can let us know directly and we can contact your employer to see if they are interested in setting one up. You can also mention this to them directly as a great way for them to increase their Corporate Social Responsibility. There are many benefits to employers having a scheme in place so it will often be something they will be keen to do.

Why not give Payroll Giving a go and see the impact you will have. Get in touch with us today