Help with funding

If you need help to pay for your respite break, there are various sources of support available. Our bookings team have a wide knowledge of the options and can give you advice on the most appropriate sources depending on your circumstances.

Local authority funding
Many of our guests have their breaks funded by their local authority through their annual self-directed support package. To find out if you are eligible for respite break funding, get in touch with your social worker or occupational therapist to ask for an assessment. If you have a live-in partner, they will be eligible for a carer’s assessment. If you don’t have a social worker, contact the duty social worker at your local authority for advice. There is often a waiting list for assessments so we recommend you get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Charity, trust and benevolent association support

If you aren’t eligible for local authority funding, or need it topped up from another source, there are a number of charities, trusts and benevolent associations that may be able to help you depending on your condition and circumstances. These include:

For advice on all the different ways you can get help to fund your Leuchie break, phone our bookings team on 01620 892864. They'll talk through the options with you and be able to point you in the right direction.