Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

An inclusive part of every Leuchie break is our physiotherapy and occupational therapy service.

The Therapy team is made up of Louise (physio) and Katie (OT).

Over the course of your break Louise and Katie can work with you to put together a programme specifically tailored to your needs. To be able to work with you in this way, and undertake assessments and referrals to community healthcare professionals, is a unique opportunity within Scotland.

Katie (left) and Louise

Individual and group sessions
The team can give you invaluable advice on exercise, transfers, wheelchairs, posture and positioning. Our group exercise classes are a fun way to try out gentle routines.

Our therapy room has a wide range of specialist equipment to support different abilities, including standing frames, a VibroGym, and Motomed exercise bikes – which we also have available throughout the house. In addition, our pressure mapping system can help highlight potential pressure issues and avoid hospital visits.

Wheelchair service
Our therapy team can also provide wheelchair assessments and adjustments to improve your comfort and wellbeing. We can make referrals to NHS wheelchair services and other health professionals to ensure you get the ongoing support you need after your break at Leuchie.

Independent living equipment

The team run a show and tell session displaying some of the latest independent living equipment designed to assist individual needs and encourage you to trial out products before you commit to buying them. Small items can be bought from our Leuchie therapy shop.

Use of our adapted kitchen
We can offer one to one baking/cooking sessions in our adapted kitchen using adapted equipment to promote independence during the session.

We can look at transfers with you to suggest more appropriate/safe transfers on/off beds/toilets/chairs. This can also be in liaison with community professionals.

Anxiety Management
Katie comes from a mental health back ground and can do small group work dealing with anxiety management, if needed.

Sleep advice
Katie has also done the Edinburgh sleep medicine course and can help you if you are having difficulties in sleeping. Advice can be given or referred onto relevant services.

Support groups

We can also look at social support groups in your local community.

Acupuncture can relieve many symptoms of neurological conditions, such as pain, fatigue and muscle tightness. Louise is an AACP qualified acupuncturist and can treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions as part of our physiotherapy service, if appropriate.