What we do

Our focus at Leuchie is on giving our guests and their families the very best short break experience. By providing the expert care they need to manage their condition, our guests are able to have a proper holiday and enjoy all the things that make it special for them.

With our specialist team, our enabling approach, our stunning location in the East Lothian countryside and our beautiful house, for short breaks with 24 hour care, Leuchie House really is one of a kind.

Short breaks at Leuchie House

Every short break at Leuchie includes all the things our guests need to be able to enjoy a beneficial holiday experience - expert care, revitalising physiotherapy, delicious food, fun activities and outings, and the chance to socialise and meet new people - all within the relaxed, comfortable setting of a special country house.

Who benefits from breaks at Leuchie

At Leuchie we support people who have MS, who have had a stroke, or who are living with a number of other neurological conditions.

We also provide essential breaks for our guests’ carers or family members, either by taking on their caring responsibilites while they are at Leuchie, or enabling them to have a break separately while their loved one is with us.

What makes Leuchie House special

For our guests one of the main things that makes Leuchie special is that the care we provide really is person-centred. Through our pre-assessment process, we ensure that Leuchie is the right environment for every guest and that we are in the best position to provide the care they need. We then build a personalised care plan with each of our guests. This means when they come to Leuchie they can relax knowing their care is in expert hands, and they can benefit fully from the unique Leuchie short break package.