Memories of Margaret

A condition like MS has a huge impact on individuals and on their carers and Margaret and I were delighted when we found Leuchie House in February 2000.

Immediately, we found that Leuchie provided the comfort that Margaret and I were looking for. For Margaret it offered her the opportunity to have all her needs catered for whilst she was there. For me, it gave me a break from my caring responsibilities, knowing how well cared for and happy she was. At first it was difficult for me to take a more hands-off approach but with the help of the wonderful staff, I did finally get used to the idea that Leuchie offers respite for carers as well as for the guests. It gave me the opportunity to fully charge my batteries.

Margaret made so many friends from all over the UK there and plans were often made to book the same holidays in the future. She managed to attend Leuchie at least twice a year from 2000 until her last visit in 2016, the year she suddenly passed away.

It is always very difficult when someone close to you passes away and even more difficult to find a tangible way to remember them as the memories are so deep and forever. My three sons and I decided we wanted to raise money for a project at Leuchie House in Margaret’s memory as it meant so much to her. It was always in our thoughts that Margaret was such a caring person that we should fund something that would benefit as many people as possible. The restoration and refurbishment of the Aviemore Lounge was a project close to our hearts as it was one of Margaret’s favourite rooms while she was at Leuchie. It provided her with peace to look out into the woods and see the Roe deer, especially early in the morning. It is our hope that many more guests will find the Aviemore Lounge a peaceful room to sit in, relax and further charge their batteries during their stay.

Michael Abbott