Enabling Technology at Leuchie

What is the overall aim with technology at Leuchie House?

We are working towards becoming a national centre of excellence in the provision of technology enabled care. While technology will never replace human contact, our vision is a world in which the independent potential of everyone with a neurological condition is maximised through the use of technology.

What is the aim of the digital skills assistant role at Leuchie?

A typical day in this role can include 1-1 technology training with a guest and setting up equipment for their day-to-day use. We run presentations and sessions which include showing what tech we have and how it can be used for guests. Once a guest leaves Leuchie, we want to ensure they have support throughout the year when it comes to any tech related help and seeing how they are getting on post visit.

Our vision is that a short break at Leuchie could have a longer legacy, by providing the opportunity for assessment and education which maximises our guest’s independence when they return home. This has obvious positive consequences for our guests, their families and carers. With around 300 people a year coming for a break at Leuchie it may even be possible over time to develop enough profiling knowledge to be able to give quality, actionable advice on enabling products to those who do not come here. With the support from the RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, we are one step closer to that.

What tech do you have at Leuchie?

We have varying technology and gadgets which guests are free to try out throughout their stay. The tech ranges from wheelchair mounts, specialised keyboards/mouses and different brands of smart devices including tablets, phones, computers and smart speakers. Have a look at what we offer here.

How do you fund technology and your role at Leuchie?

We began this journey last year when we secured funding from The Health & Social Care Alliance to employ a Digital Skills Assistant, Elizabeth McDowell. She is bringing expertise and improving our understanding of available technology, and, through tailored workshops, is helping to improve digital access skills so that we can help guests and carers reduce their feelings of social isolation and increase feelings of their independence. We then received more funding through The Health & Social Care Alliance to fund another Digital Skills Support worker, Ronan, whom had the same responsibilities and skills but with more focus on following up with guests from home.

Are all guests interested in Tech?

Not everyone will be interested in tech enabled care, but Leuchie House is a fantastic opportunity for guests to finally try technology out with no physical, emotional or financial risk. It is also often that there may a slight issue with a piece of tech which results in the individual not wanting to use it. However, we have found most tech can be slightly adjusted or optimized and then can be used completely independently by the guest and very soon after we start to see life changing results.

Can I try the tech out when I visit Leuchie?

Yes, we have a range of different tech which we encourage guests to try out as much as they want throughout their stay. This ensures that guests are comfortable with their chosen tech and are free to ask for help and have staff utilise it to their needs. Have a look at the imact tech can have on our guests

What is the Alexa project?

Already at Leuchie we have put Amazon ‘Alexa’ smart speakers in communal rooms and some bedrooms. With the feasibility study showing that the implementation of smart rooms being possible, we will put the Amazon ‘Alexa’ smart speaker (Echo, Dot, Spot or Show) into every guest and carer room. This will enable guests who want to use the technology to try it out and to benefit from the autonomy it can provide while at Leuchie. We hope to install voice activated smart blinds, plugs, door buttons, TV, etc. We will also provide training to help guests who are unfamiliar with smart tech and would like to try it out.

How can I help contribute to Leuchie House?

With your support, our short breaks can transform lives through guest-centred care, offering independence coupled with expert care and support.

Your donation will help our guests experience a new lease of life through our programme of outings, activities and entertainment, one-to-one physiotherapy and delicious home cooked meals, all supported by 24 hour specialist nursing care.

You can make a single or regular donation by clicking on the links below or, if you prefer, you can send a cheque made payable to 'Leuchie House' to: Leuchie House, North Berwick, EH39 5NT.

If you would like to make a direct bank transfer, please use the details below. We would also appreciate if you could let us know by emailing fundraising@leuchiehouse.org.uk or calling us on 01620896864.

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