What Technology do we have at Leuchie?

At Leuchie House we want to make sure our guests can be as independent as possible which is why we aim to try and create an environment that allows guests to feel a sense of independency that may have been missing at home. We have technology and other gadgets which guests are free to try out throughout their stay. We have found guests arriving with little to no interest in certain technologies due to the fact they have been unable to use them in the past or have had anxiety about not being to work them.

This is why Leuchie House is a fantastic opportunity for guests to finally try technology out with no physical, emotional or financial risk. It is also often that there may a slight issue with a piece of tech which results in the individual not wanting to use it. However, we have found most tech can be slightly adjusted or optimized and then can be used completely independently by the guest and very soon after we start to see life changing results.

What Technology do we have at Leuchie?

Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers
Smart Speakers
  • Amazon Echo: A smart speaker built with Amazon Alexa
  • Dot smart speakers: A smaller version of Amazon Echo. Can be used to play music, read audiobooks, ask questions, make phone calls and much more.
  • Amazon Echo Show: This is an upgrade from the echo speakers and comes with a screen. It is great for making video calls and all of the other features that come with the echo. This comes in two versions, The 5-inch version and the 8-inch version.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug
Smart Plug

TP link: A smart plug that can be connected to any type of device including lights, heaters, fans etc. Ideally to be used with Amazon Alexa. For example, you can say the phrase “Alexa turn on smart plug” and it will turn on whatever device it is connected to.

Smart bulbs

Kasa and Phillips Hue: We have both these smart bulbs at Leuchie House and work in a similar way to smart plugs. They can be also be connected to smart devices and controlled using Alexa.

Entertainment Systems

Fire TV Cube
Fire TV Cube

FireTV cube is an entertainment device that comes with the latest streaming and entertainment apps and can be used with voice-controlled Amazon Alexa.

Ring doorbell

Ring doorbell
Ring doorbell

Ring Doorbell: A smart doorbell that comes with video and speaker. Has motion activated notifications and allows the user to see who is at their door and have a conversation with them. This is done through installing an app on their phone, tablet or computer.

Smart phones and tablets

What Technology do we have at Leuchie?
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone: Can be tested for Siri or as an alternative phone.
  • Samsung Galaxy tablet
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon Fire7 Tablet
  • Levono LENOVO - Tab E10 Tablet - 16 GB, Black

Smart buttons/switches

What Technology do we have at Leuchie?
  • Echo Smart Buttons: These buttons can be set up for specific functions and can be connected via Bluetooth. Similar to a smart plug and Alexa, you can set up the button for a specific function like turning on a light, the tv or a radio. It can also be used in a care setting where a person can push the button to alert their carer.
  • Harmony Hub: Harmony Hub turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, giving you control over your home entertainment and smart home devices. You can change channels and volume, program favourites, control lights and other smart devices, and build multi-device experiences called Activities.

Wheelchair Mounts

What Technology do we have at Leuchie?

All these wheelchair mounts have different sizes, durability and flexibility but all serve the same purpose of holding phone and tablets. Each one can be tested at Leuchie to see which is the most comfortable.

  • Gooseneck stands
  • Soft Digits Tripod ‘gorilla’
  • Lamicall
  • Tyrone
  • B&M

Assistive Keyboard & Mouse

What Technology do we have at Leuchie?
  • Springboard keyguard
  • Liberator Sip and puff mouse
  • Eye tracker
  • Logitech Ball mouse
  • Amazon Basics Wireless Trackball Mouse
  • Tecknet bluetooth mouse


What Technology do we have at Leuchie?
  • Shapedad
  • Apple Pencil

Protective and supportive cushions and tech cases

  • Amazon laptop/tablet cushion
  • Stabilo cushion for side of a wheel chair
  • LiveWithBetter Beani Tablet

If you are planning on visiting soon please have a read into these products and see if they would be of interest to yourself.