Leuchie's Tree of Life

Just like the beautiful trees that line the drive to Leuchie, our Tree of Life is a stunning, handcrafted metal sculpture displayed in our reception. On the tree, hang many personalised leaves donated in memory of loved ones, for whom Leuchie was a special place in their lifetime.

Trees are said to symbolise, inspire and express deep feelings of love and gratitude, shelter and happiness - all things we believe Leuchie provides for the guests who come here. Trees are also personified by their enduring strength and memory (as many have lived for many hundreds of years), so it seems fitting to have a tree remembering those special to you, and to us.

Leaves can be dedicated in memory of a loved one. We ask for a minimum donation of £250 to have a personalised engraved leaf added to our tree.

To find out more about this, please contact someone in the fundraising team by emailing fundraising@leuchiehouse.org.uk or by calling 01620 892864.