Volunteer role: guest support

I have been volunteering at Leuchie since January 2014.

Twenty years of my career were in early years teaching in London and Edinburgh. After that I worked with befriending volunteers in a Scottish children’s charity.

I came to volunteer at Leuchie after a life-changing accident when it was pointed out to me that despite my disability and the support I need, there are still opportunities where I can offer support and help to Leuchie’s guests.

I am at Leuchie House every Monday for around five hours. Every second Monday is the start of a Leuchie break and that’s when I greet guests and share information about their holiday, or catch up with those on a return break.

I also come in every second Friday when guests are going home, to help out while they are waiting for their transport to arrive. On several occasions, I’ve also volunteered at Leuchie’s fundraising events and can collections.

At Leuchie I enjoy meeting new people. I feel I have the experience now to be able to allay any new guests’ fears associated with their holiday. I realise it must be difficult to come away from all that is familiar and stay at Leuchie for the first time and be confident all your care needs will be adequately met. I like the warm friendly atmosphere of the house and the variety of people I meet.

For me personally I find it is the only time that I’m amongst other disabled people. I share an understanding with many guests of the issues we meet in everyday life. I’ve met many new and interesting people as a result.

Everyone at Leuchie is friendly and open to new faces. Volunteers are definitely seen as a valuable resource in the house. There are many roles where you can volunteer, each requiring a different time commitment, starting from just an hour or two.

Leuchie House is a very welcoming and supportive place to volunteer. It is recognised everywhere for its unique provision and I am proud to be a part of that.

If you're interested in becoming a Leuchie volunteer we'd love to hear from you! Click here to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Leuchie, how you'll benefit and the difference you'll make.