Digital Skills Help: Phone mounts

Do you struggle to use your smartphone or tablet?

Do you struggle to use your smartphont or tablet, but would like to have it by your side? Many of our guests have found that using a simple, inexpensive phone mount on their wheelchair makes a huge difference. You won't have to find the phone or hold it and you can even use it all by voice (more on that in future blogs!).

Clip style - from £2.50! (This one is £7.62 @ LightinTheBox) These are simple, inexpensive and can clamp your smartphone or small tablet to your wheelchair. Gooseneck or flexible clamps can adjust to move your phone or tablet into a position for comfortable use.

There are also mid-range, but higher quality Manfrotto mounts for phones (£65), which have 4 components for clamp, pole and mount, as well as a spigpot - actually for camera tripods. Very sturdy, which means it won't wobble when you text or scroll.

Wheelchair specific tablet mounts can be purchased from RAM (for example) and cost £130 upwards for the clamp, ball and socket arm and a cradle for devices such as mobile phone or tablet. Here’s an 18 second clip showing RAM wheelchair mounts for mobile phone or tablet:

For your comfort, we have also purchased several cushioned tablet holders to hold your tablet or phone on your bed, chair or wherever is comfortable for you! Feel free to ask to try them out next time you visit.

Here's a list of the mounts and cushioned holders available to try during your next stay at Leuchie House:

Brand Description Cost
LiveBetterWith Beani Tablet & iPad cushion (pictured) - lots of pattern choice. Lovely and light £26.99
B and M Bargains Smartphone holder clip style from Byte (no longer available), but search for 'mobile phone mount clip' and there are many similarly priced with a clip style attachment $4.99
Amazon Laptop or tablet pillow £5-10
Lamicall, Tyrone Gooseneck type mounts - there are many brands out there! £11.84
Soft Digits Tripod with phone holder £13.99
Manfotto Mount 3 components to choose from - clamp, pole and mount £65 depending on chosen configuration

Next time you stay at Leuchie, try out our selection of wheelchair phone and tablet mounts. We are adding new ones to our collection all the time. If you are reading this and have a mount you think works well, please let us know as we are always looking for recommendations. Thanks for reading my blog post and hope you are all staying safe until we can see you again at Leuchie soon.

If you have any questions about mounts for smart technology, please send us an email: