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Pink toes and broken promises

Editor’s note: The image further down is not for the faint hearted, especially those of you who suffer from podophobia. (1)

Something sweet to start off this blog… I had lunch out at two restaurants for my trips. I really enjoyed the food there. Pictured in the header and at the bottom of this blog is a triple chocolate brownie with cream. I just have a starter to ensure that I always have room for dessert. I don’t know how diners can manage three courses. Back at Leuchie I had fruit salad for dinner and that was enough for me that day! Thanks to Alice and Helen for assisting me in these gastronomic experiences. I could not have done it without them. I’m sure Margaret, Audrey and Alison will not take offence, but I did mention their excellent home baking and puddings in my feedback at the end of the holiday.

Lurking down in the basement the physio and OT teams have their collection of gadgets to improve guests’ mobility. It’s not quite a boot camp but the team and their Queen Margaret Uni students make sure that guests who are up to it leave showing a good improvement.

I was introduced to one of the gadgets, the Vibrogym, during my first holiday back in 2013. It’s an industrial strength vibrating plate. It takes two people to hold down my feet on the machine. One of the symptoms of MS is poor circulation leading to it being called by some nurse practitioners, Mittens and Socks. My feet are often dark blue in colour although I don’t feel they are cold. The Vibrogym turns blue feet pink! I can feel the molecules in my feet being shoogled up and the sensation goes right up to my knees and lasts for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s not for everyone. One guest said he got an unpleasant sensation of pins and needles (not bad enough so he was hospitalised!). If you suffer from blue feet and want them pinked then ask Louise or Katie for a shot. They will start you off on the lowest setting so it’s not too much of a shock to the system, but I guarantee you will enjoy it as much as I do and will be back for more.

Bob's Blog 18

I was a bit of a party pooper on quiz night as I was in the middle of binge watching the sixth series of The Crown. Iain was laid low with a virus (thankfully not the isolating type), so I thought it wouldn’t be so competitive. However, I heard the following morning that Kirsty was on top form answering not only her team’s questions but the other’s as well. The laughter from the Quiet Room could be heard all round the house! I regret not having stayed for that evening’s entertainment.

We had a music therapist in on Friday and she encouraged us to do a lot of drum banging, cymbal crashing and bell ringing. Hopefully to some kind of rhythm. Dorothy then asked the group for their music memories. Paul gave a rendition of all 10 versus of Burl Ives “The Ugly Bug Ball”. I asked him later where he learnt it. He said “It was at my primary school.” I wish I had a memory retention like that! All I remember about my primary school is where they were but not any of my teachers or how I got to the school.

Broken promise 1

I came to Leuchie with a lot of questions about my phone and iPad. Kevan took them away and quickly saw that the latest version of my iOS software had not been automatically downloaded. A quick change to my settings had it fixed and all my questions were answered. Getting along fine now so no more about mobiles, I promise!

Kevan, when he’s not been doing his techy stuff, has been telling anecdotes and funny stories keeping groups of guests engaged, resulting in bouts of hilarity.

Broken Promise 2

“I DO NOT BELIEVE IT” (imagine Victor Meldrew (2)) was my thought when I saw a digital thermometer out on the breakfast bar. I thought Jackie was having a laugh when she used one to ensure my “drinkable” tea was drinkable. Maybe it’s a health and safety issue after McDonalds was sued because a customer hadn’t observed the notice “this Coffee is hot, drink responsibly”

Apparently Iain requires his hot chocolate at 65 Celsius and blackcurrant at 55. I thought I was OCD about my tea but I think he is definitely OTT! I’ll not be surprised to hear him ask for marshmallows in his chocolate! BTW Iain is proud to be a Pinkie (3) and I don’t think it refers to his feet!

I promise not to talk about drink temperature again! (see blog 17 'Holiday highlights', where Jackie gave me the perfect brew!)

Thanks to Grace who started the blog off, all the many carers who typed paragraphs into my phone and Kate for tidying it up and putting it into some semblance of order.


1. Fear of feet

2. Richard Wilson’s character in the BBC sitcom, One Foot In The Grave.

3. The best estate in Musselburgh when Iain was growing up there


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Bob's Blog 18
Bob's Blog 18