Bob’s Blog (10) - I can’t wait to get home

I can’t wait to get home! Before you shout at the screen 'The boy’s gan aff his heid', I’ll elucidate.

Leuchie have got another new bit of tech, which would allow me to switch on the TV, choose channels, and even go back in time to catch up with Yes, Minister on BBC iPlayer.

Ronan MacAskill, Digital Skills Support set up a voice activated Amazon Fire TV Cube in my room. It took a lot of practice to navigate and I almost gave up in frustration but I persevered and got there in the end. My voice got quite hoarse repeating the commands.

Now I’m looking forward to getting home, buying a Cube and within a week, all my favourites will be just a shout away. That’s optimism for you!

I haven’t told my IT friends at home yet but Ronan has promised support is only a telephone call away. He doesn’t know what he’s let himself in for, but again Leuchie have demonstrated their commitment to enabling guests to live independently.

On a totally different subject. I really look forward to going out for lunch at a good restaurant when I come to Leuchie. So far, I have managed to go to a different venue on each visit. I don’t ever go back to the same restaurant even though I really enjoyed the experience. With lockdown I was really struggling until CEO Mark came up with idea of getting a delivery from his favourite deli, Lewis and Clarke. This sounded a great compromise given the situation. No offence to Margaret but I do look for something unusual. Helen got the menu and I chose smoked trout and asparagus tart. The starter didn’t look huge on the plate but what it lacked in size it more than made up in taste. It was just right.

We had to cut open the dessert just to see what was inside. The pinecone split open to reveal a sumptuous chocolate mousse, on top of a cherry flavoured mousse. Its difficult to describe it but suffice to say that I enjoyed every mouthful.

Bob’s Blog (10) - I can’t wait to get home
Bob’s Blog (10) - I can’t wait to get home

The icing on the cake (pun) was that we checked the Amazon website and both the TV cube and Ring doorbell were in the Spring sale. What a result!

Can you blame me for wanting to get home quickly to order up the kit and get it working?