Bob’s blog 1

Regular guest, Bob, shares his experiences of a day out with a difference on his latest break at Leuchie House.

I had a great day out this week going to the Apple Store in Edinburgh. It was all organised by Leuchie House's Digital Skills Co-ordinator, Caroline. She set up an appointment then it just needed Guest Engagement Manager, Helen to book wheelchair ramps at North Berwick and Edinburgh stations. That in place, we were good to go!

I'd better give you a bit of background first because it’s not the usual trip out for Leuchie guests. I live on my own and my declining mobility has meant that I can’t use my fingers and can only move my head an inch or so. For safety reasons, I had the Council's home safety system installed but can’t even use that. So I was looking for a phone that I could just shout FIRE or POLICE at when I was in my bed.

This was my first trip on the train since I had to give up commuting in 2010 and I was interested to see how things had changed. Firstly, the sleek new electric 380s were so much smoother than the old 170s that I was used to (you might guess from this that I was a train spotter in my youth!). The arrangements for the ramp dropped into place as booked! Carer Chris and I arrived at Waverley on time and met up with Caroline to go the short distance across Princes Street to the store.

We were met by a greeter. I’m sure she had a proper name but that’s what she did so that’s what I’m calling her! She efficiently directed us to our contact Richard who took us upstairs to the huge teaching area. Shiny glass and stainless steel as you’d expect from Apple.

Richard had an official title. I think it was Genius but I called him a geek as he was someone who knew- everything-about-all-things-Apple-and-everything-they-could-do-and-NOT-DO. We spent almost 90 minutes discussing the capabilities of the different options and identified a phone that would do the job.

The best, and believe it or not, the most enjoyable hour and a half I’ve spent for a while as I am a bit of a tecchie myself.

Having taken a bit longer than we thought, it only left time to grab a sandwich at M&S. Another bit of history revisited as I got my favourite salmon and cream cheese one which took me back to when I used to stop off at the M&S Simply Food outlets on the motorway, when I was travelling the length and breadth of the country in my previous existence as a sales manager.

All in all, a really enjoyable day out, capped by the fact it was sunny. The new phone is on its way and Caroline has said she’ll set it up before I leave Leuchie and go home.

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