Annual Impact report out now


Our latest Impact report shows you how, with your help, we are building a positive future for families across the nation, living with the effects of a neurological condition like MS, MND, Parkinson’s and stroke. The report shows just some of the progress we have made in reimagining respite as a healthy, enabling and social service and we have many more exciting plans! If you did not receive a copy and would like one, please email

Below is an accompanying letter to the publication from our Director of Income and Communications, Lana Bambridge.

Our 2023 Impact Report illustrates how, with your help, we are building a positive future for families across the nation living with the effects of a neurological condition. We show the impact of donations by sharing the stories of those we support. But these are not just stories, they’re lives being lived right now, glimpses of how a neurological condition can mean the loss of even the most basic freedoms many of us take for granted.

We know respite is essential, and that we have a responsibility to expand and continue to fine tune our services, to ensure better outcomes for the families we support. As our CEO, Mark Bevan, said last year at the launch of our strategy with our patron, HRH Princess Anne:

"With (the) investment of supporters like you by our side, Leuchie can build a positive future, by reaching out beyond its walls and using its expertise and base as a beacon of excellence and as a test bed for developing future care initiatives for all of Scotland.”

In this report, you will see just how far we have already come with our ambition to for more for more people. It is just the tip of the iceberg, and I would be pleased to discuss our exciting plans with anyone who is keen to find out more: 01620 614038 or email

All that’s left for me to say is ‘thank you’ to all the individuals, organisations, local businesses, trusts, foundations and government bodies who share our vision, our enthusiasm and our responsibility by investing in our future.

Best wishes,

Lana Bambridge
Director of Income and Communications