Summer appeal

No one should be left behind

Our already pressurised Health and Social Care system is being overwhelmed. The Scottish Government plans to address this by increasing preventative measures and early intervention. That’s good news, but it will take time and the people we support need action now. This is where Leuchie can make a real difference with YOUR support.

As things start to open up again, gaps of inequality are widening, but no one should be left behind simply because the support is not there. We need to build back fairer to help people and their families now.

"To lose my career of 25 years was like pulling away a security blanket."

Before his diagnosis of relapsing remitting MS at the age of 35, Leuchie guest, Alan, enjoyed an extensive career in Construction Project Management, travelling all over the world. He continued working for 12 years until two years ago when he felt he could no longer justify it - he felt he just was not pulling his weight anymore. He tried living on his own but eventually couldn't manage and had to move in with his mum. She does everything for him but is struggling now with the mental and physical strain of caring for Alan. His greatest wish is to enjoy his time with his mum, without feeling like a burden. You can read Alan's story here.

With your support, Leuchie can give people like Alan, living with neurological conditions such as MS, MND, Parkinson’s and stroke, and their families, the tools they need to live their lives in the way they want. They will be given the break and healthcare they need now, and the long-term, personalised support to help them enjoy greater independence when they return home.

This ambition has seen us go down some exciting roads over the past couple of years, learning about what we can do to adapt our service to better meet our guests’ needs in the long term. We’ve learnt about the wonders of enabling tech, giving guests access to try out technology at Leuchie that can completely transform their experiences at home.

"It was amazing to have the opportunity to try some of the enabling tech at Leuchie and see the difference it will make for my mum and I at home. So much so, I have had something similar installed since returning from my last break...

...Your gift, no matter how small you may feel it is, will give hope to people like my mum and I, so we can focus on enjoying our lives together."