The Crerar Trust

The Crerar Trust has been a great supporter of Leuchie House over the past few years.

In 2016 the Trust donated £10,000 towards the purchase of a state-of-the-art pressure mapping pad, which enables our physiotherapy team to monitor guests in a seated or lying position and identify areas of high pressure. They can then make adjustments to guests’ wheelchairs, equipment and beds to maximise their comfort and mobility, and avoid any pressure sores developing. This is an enormously valuable service which is rarely available in the community.

This year the Trust have supported us once again, this time with a generous grant of over £20,000 towards the salary costs of our team of professional physiotherapists. This enables Leuchie to continue providing our unique and hugely beneficial in-house physio service, which many of our guests see as the icing on the cake of a respite stay at Leuchie.

Paddy Crerar from the Trust is delighted to continue their support of Leuchie: “We are great supporters of Leuchie and especially their fantastic physio programme, which we know has a very positive impact on their respite guests. It was clear from the application that the physio team at Leuchie is highly regarded in its field and we were thrilled to be able to help”.