Volunteer roles: guest evaluation, admin and meal assistance

I joined Leuchie as a volunteer in November 2011. Before that, prior to motherhood, I worked as a management consultant in IT for financial services. After motherhood, I became a JP and took on various voluntary roles.

I was persuaded by one of Leuchie’s trustees to visit, loved what I saw, and I’ve been volunteering ever since!

I have various volunteer roles. I carry out guest evaluations, by speaking to guests before they go home to get feedback about their visit. I ask them about what they have loved particularly and if there is anything they think could be improved upon. I also try to telephone them all once they are home just as a wee follow up. That takes up two half days a week.

Then I assist at lunch times three times in each Leuchie break, and occasionally at evening meal time. And I also stuff envelopes and fiddle about with spreadsheets for statistical purposes to assist the bookings team!

The thing I enjoy most about being at Leuchie is the people. The staff, the volunteers and last but by no means least: the guests. The more I come the more I love it - developing relationships with them all.

It’s great to be appreciated, and that your contribution, however small, is valued.

If you are considering volunteering at Leuchie, don't be daunted. Everyone is happy to show you the ropes and welcome you to the Leuchie community.

If you're interested in becoming a Leuchie volunteer we'd love to hear from you! Click here to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Leuchie, how you'll benefit and the difference you'll make.