Linda’s story

Linda is the wife of regular Leuchie guest, Malcolm, and is his main carer. She explains why she decided to fundraise to support Leuchie House because of the difference it has made to her and Malcolm’s lives.

“My nine friends and I have an annual girl’s day out at Christmas and other special occasions. However, as Malcolm’s MS progressed, any plans for overnight stays became impossible possible.

I was always on edge and unable to relax, even just out for the day, as Malcolm struggled at home alone.

After reading about Leuchie House in a magazine, we decided to visit, and that changed so much for us.

Malcolm is comfortable and well cared for at Leuchie, always makes friends and enjoys an outing or two. Knowing Malcolm is in safe hands has allowed me to join the 'girls' for a weekend away, which for the past six years has been a jaunt to Cardinet House in Lower Largo and us calling our group the Cardinet Cuties!

The Cuties wanted to support Leuchie House as they witnessed how much it means to Malcolm and me to be able to relax for one weekend.

We decided to sign up for the Supernova Kelpies 5K. We had a good laugh in our fancy dress doing it and raised £1,000 for Leuchie at the same time.”