Volunteer role: physiotherapy assistant

I have been a volunteer at Leuchie for over six years.

I am retired, having been a solicitor with Lothian, Fife and Highland Regional Councils. In semi-retirement I was a complaints investigator with the Local Government Ombudsman.

I became interested in volunteering at Leuchie when it was threatened with closure in 2010. As my late father had MS I wanted to help out in some way.

I assist in the physiotherapy department on Thursdays. The role entails taking guests down to the gym, helping them on to the exercise bikes and to use the other equipment there, taking part in the exercise and relaxation classes, assisting with transfers from wheelchairs and generally socialising with the guests.

I enjoy the caring atmosphere in the house, meeting with and helping the guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, and working alongside the carers and nurses. There’s a lot of fun and banter involved.

The main benefit of being a Leuchie volunteer is playing a part in keeping such a wonderful establishment going and helping the team to provide a much needed and appreciated service to the guests. It also offers me personal satisfaction in doing something so worthwhile.

I have learned new skills too including lifting, handling, use of wheelchairs and so on, which I have been able to use and pass on in other related voluntary work.

My advice to anyone considering volunteering at Leuchie would be “do it”. You’ll find it enjoyable and rewarding as well as helping others in the process.

Also, don’t be too restrictive in what you think you might be able to do. I have particularly enjoyed carrying out a hands-on role greatly different from what I did during my working life. Training will of course be provided for whatever you do.

If you're interested in becoming a Leuchie volunteer we'd love to hear from you! Click here to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Leuchie, how you'll benefit and the difference you'll make.