Elizabeth’s story

A devastating car crash in 1996 left Elizabeth with a number of physical disabilities, followed in recent years by a series of strokes. Here she explains why Leuchie House has made such a difference.

“I was absolutely terrified the first time I came to Leuchie. My mum passed away when we were on holiday which left me with a fear of the same thing happening to me.

When a social worker suggested Leuchie House to me I even felt scared coming to have a look. But I knew that my friend Rose, who’s my carer, really needed a break too so I agreed.

From that very first visit I was so impressed with the staff, the building, the grounds – everything!

During my first break at Leuchie I took ill and had a blackout. It was my worst fear that something would happen to me. But the staff were amazing and so quick off the mark to care for me. That has left me feeling so safe at Leuchie. I know that if anything happens, they know how to handle it.

You can really tell that the staff do the job because they care. The nurses, carers, back of house staff – they’re all so helpful and will go out of their way to help you. You really can’t fault them.

What makes Leuchie a great place for me is that everyone treats me like a human being. When you’re disabled, people see you differently. But here they don’t - they see me as a person and not a condition.

I’ve been to Leuchie many times now and each time I can’t wait to go back. As soon as I go home I look forward to getting my case packed to go again!”