Dr Jacquelyn Chaplin

What's your day job?

I have been a nurse for over 40 years with many years experience of working in hospices. I am now semi-retired, having a lovely time with my grandchildren and also undertaking consultancy work primarily in the fields of coaching and leadership development.

When did you become a Leuchie trustee?
January 2014

Why did you decide to become involved with Leuchie?
For three reasons:

First, there is a need for a service like Leuchie. It offers a chance to have fun and escape from everyday life like all holidays should, and it offers a break for those who provide care every day of the year.

Secondly, I am so impressed by the work that all the staff and volunteers do for the people who become Leuchie guests. The care can be felt immediatley on entering Leuchie.

Thirdly, a few years ago a member of my family with motor neurone disease benefitted from a family stay at Leuchie - an experience that is still remembered.

What do you do as a Leuchie trustee?
I promote Leuchie wherever and whenever I can! I use my past experience to support the management team to make Leuchie the best it can be. I am a member of the operations committee where part of our responsiblity is to support the Leuchie team to demonstrate all the good things that happen at Leuchie in a way that ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

What do you get out of it?
The opportunity to help people with challenging long term conditions such as multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease. The chance to be part of something that I believe in and have the opportunity to meet and work with people who are so committed to what they do - Leuchie staff and volunteers and my fellow trustees.

Tell us one thing about you that we probably wouldn't expect:
In my spare time I enjoy flower arranging and a few years ago I prepared all the flowers for my son's wedding. My daughter-in-law was delighted!

If you could invite someone to Leuchie for afternoon tea, who would it be and why?
Well this is difficult to answer as the list is so long...George Clooney is always top of my list...and the reason? Obvious!

If you could wave a magic wand, what would the Leuchie of the future be like?
I would like to see every person who needs a service like Leuchie being funded to do so as a right - not something they need to fight for. I also see Leuchie being so secure financially that there are a number of satellite Leuchies in Scotland and perhaps in France and Italy too, and perhaps Canada...and Australia...and maybe New Zealand...the list goes on!