Bob’s story

Leuchie guest, Bob, shares his story of being diagnosed with MS and why he chooses to have short breaks at Leuchie.

“I was 61 years old before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I was lucky enough to have a good life up until that point having travelled America, Australia and all over Europe as a sales manager, before spending a few fine years as a civil servant with the Crown Office.

I was looking forward to retirement when life took an unexpected turn.

I found I kept tripping up on paving stones as I was running for the train home and, unlike many people who have to wait through years of tests, I was diagnosed almost immediately with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Through the next four years, I had a wonderful manager who went over and above to support me at work, but my health quickly deteriorated and it wasn’t long before I was forced to retire early due to the loss of mobility in my arms and legs.

I also tragically lost my wife to a brain tumour over the same period, leaving me living alone for the first time in 41 years and dependent on care workers to help with virtually all aspects of my life including eating, bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring me to and from my bed.

The care I receive at home is excellent, and I’ve always felt lucky not to have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, but losing my independence has been the hardest part of having MS. I want to maintain as much of my health for as long as I can and Leuchie helps me do this.

Plus, I get to chat with old friends I have met there over the years who are all in the same boat. It certainly helps me feel ‘normal’ again.”

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