Leuchie people

To find out more about Leuchie House, you can read here about the experiences of some of the people who've stayed, worked or volunteered at Leuchie. Or click here to watch some of our videos.


Leuchie guest

"Being able to come to Leuchie is a joy. It’s like going into a world where everyone understands you. Every aspect of your needs is accommodated and nothing is ever too much trouble for the staff. There is above and beyond.  I particularly love the company at Leuchie and have made some great friends there over the years.
Every time I leave I can’t wait for my next ‘Leuchie time’!"



Husband of Leuchie guest

"Seeing the change in my wife over our 11 nights at Leuchie has been tremendous for me. While we've been here she has become brighter and full of smiles again. I can't remember when I last felt as relaxed and at ease with the world as I do at the moment."



Leuchie's guest engagement manager

"The best thing about working at Leuchie House is that there's always a smile to be seen and laughter to hear. The guests are so friendly and by day two everyone is like an old friend. One of the fun parts for me is seeing guests try things they don't think they will be able to do and visit places that they wouldn't otherwise get to see."



Leuchie volunteer

"It is an awesome, inspirational place where guests can be who they really are and limited ability is seen as a challenge to be overcome rather than a blockage to activities. It is a real joy to work with dedicated, caring people who simply make things happen for the guest and carer."