How technology has helped guest Chris

Technology can open a whole new world to those who are physically disabled as a result of a neurological condition. At Leuchie, we are working to provide the resources, training and environment for those looking to become more independent through the use of technology. We feel that everyone should be able to use technology, no matter their ability or limited experience of it. Luckily, everyday technology is becoming more and more accessible for those who need it the most.

Meet guest Chris, and learn how technology has helped him in everyday life.

Tell us your story Chris

"Hi my name is Chris Preen, I’m 46, I’m a quadriplegic. I can use my head, I can use my arms. After a cycling accident in 2012, I broke my neck in two places."

What Technology do you currently have?

“ A possum. It has open door, phone calls and TV."

So you can use the tv for the possum at home?


So, who put the possum in?

“Smart Centre”

At the moment, do you use an iPad?

“Yes, and Alexa, my favorite friend Alexa haha”

And what does Alexa do for you?

“Sets reminders, timers, opens gates, alarms and radio and books”

What difference does It make to your wellbeing having this technology in your life?

“It helps a lot, it helps me be so independent.”

Here is how Chris currently uses his iPad

Here are examples of Chris using Tech at Leuchie independently..

Chris is just one example, amongst thousands, who are limited in their use of technology. The difference and impact that spending a little time optimising his tech for current and future use has an immediate effect on not just physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing as well.

One of the most important things for us at Leuchie House is to ensure that the support doesn’t stop when our guests' visit at Leuchie ends. We want to ensure support throughout the entire year no matter how little or big a request.

How do you feel about having this Technology in your home?

“I’m excited by it, what I am really looking forward to is working with Ronan after Leuchie to help me get a new wheel chair mount and my new ipad set up so I can use it with Siri.”

Do you find having some to support you with your technology helpful?

“Fantastic, very good. Ronan is very helpful. He sets up follow ups for when we are at home which I find very helpful.”

By setting up technology and making it as accessible as possible for our guests, we aim to improve their independence. Having life-changing technology like Alexa installed in their home will save a lot of time for carers and can help with tasks that are as small as changing the tv channel or turning on and off a light. Our vision is to improve the life of people living with the long term effects of a nuerological condition by maximising their independence, and that of their carers, through the use of technology.