Rolling Around The Rex

For those of you not yet aware my wife Jaz, carer Sheryl and I are doing a charity fundraising walk/roll of 100 miles over the 31 days of August in The Rex, a park near our home, hence the name of our challenge 'Rolling Around The Rex'. 100 miles might not seem like a lot but to someone in a wheelchair who is not in the best of health it is like climbing Everest!

We're hoping to raise funds for two wonderful local charities, close to my heart. The first needs no introduction and is, of course, oor Leuchie, my spiritual home. Having experienced Leuchie and what they are doing to help the NHS during this Pandemic I just wanted to thank everyone involved for making what could have been a horrible 14-day stay recently as comfortable and enjoyable as possible under potentially horrible restrictions. The food, the staff, the room and the overall experience was different but still pleasurable. Leuchie has lost over £500,000 over this period and although I am not going to raise anything like that amount every little helps, Well done Leuchie for stepping up to help out the NHS when they needed it.

The second not for profit charity is a charity very close to our hearts as it was set up by Scott Glynn M.B.E ( a great friend of Jaz's and mine) and is one that does so much great work in the East Lothian community, helping out those less fortunate than themselves. They have donated money to the Beach Wheelchairs, bought football and rugby strips for local clubs, have helped out The Guides by buying them new tents and even on occasion helped out by getting someone a wheelchair! These wonderful gestures are only a few amongst many.

As I write this our challenge of rolling and walking is on day 11 and so far we have managed to do 79,188 Steps or 37. 49 miles!! We use the pedometer to record our distance hence the 'steps' and have managed to raise £876.50 towards our conservative target of £1000 already! We have lowered our target from previous years' challenges because we are aware that, due to COVID, people are not in a position this year to be throwing money about. Today a man stopped me in the park whilst we were wheeling/walking around and handed me all the change he had in his pocket which turned out to be £1.50 and that blew us away, what a wonderful gesture! We are loving the support, the comments, the likes and the shares that we are getting on Facebook and the help to get in touch with local papers, radio and podcasts. Stay safe and well everyone all our Luv Iain, Jaz and Sheryl.

Iain has been interviewed on Radio Saltire - listen to his full interview below.

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