My Lockdown Hopes

I, like probably most of you, am having good days and bad days more regularly than pre lockdown. I was on a great path as I had just recruited a Personal Assistant through the SDS scheme. If you are not already doing this then please at least have a look at it because it's made a real difference to my personal support, washing dressing etc... It was beginning to have a far wider effect on our lives too; I'd joined the library, (a bit of a revelation for some of you and there will be many who thought that I could not read!), I'd just got my Blue Badge sorted and had just received a cinema card.

These were all major steps forward for us, as up until our PA arrived a good day out was either a trip to the hospital or around the block with Jaz! I am also now the proud owner of a powered chair which helps me a great deal in getting about the house. Unfortunately it is too big for my PA's car so trips out in the chair are local events. I was out maybe twice a week either shopping or visiting local coffee shops and even on one occasion the wee museum in Dunfermline. I have got my bus pass in place as well now, all of these things have been done with the help and support of my wonderful wife and our fantastic PA Sheryl. So far so good!

Then comes lockdown, which in itself I have no problem with and I support the extension wholeheartedly, however, what is the point of having a library card, a Blue Badge, a bus pass and a cinema card these days?! Well in typical Elder fashion I will explain how I feel. We will come out of the other end of this and at that stage I will re-engage my new life once more as will we all. I have been cooking again with the aid of my PA and have done some wonderful recipes although I have still to attempt Fred Landels Treacle scones, yum!

This crisis is hard for us all, even the wonderful Leuchie has been affected, but overall what I must say is that (on good days) I find it inspiring how the human spirit is flexing, evolving and generally coping with the devastation, grief and turmoil this pandemic has caused. "I have a dream" a very famous man (MLK) once said and the dream which is keeping me saneish? and functioning is that I will return to Leuchie, my spiritual home, and that I will meet up again with my friends and extended family which is what you have all become to me and Jaz, not tomorrow but in the not too distant future, I hope.

My closing message is please stay safe and well and for god's sake stay at home. our Luv (my spelling of Love) to you all.

Iain Elder
Regular Guest