Mark’s Ride for Respite - An update

Postponed to September - Ride4Repite challenge NC500.

This cycle has been a great metaphor for life in general with phrases like ‘preparation is everything’ and it will have it’s ‘up’s and down’s’ and people have often hoped that I have ‘fair winds’. And like life itself the road will have many ‘twist and turns’, something which is very familiar to those who come to Leuchie House who have multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions. I was also advised by many to have a loose plan and direction of travel rather than sticking rigidly to a fixed route/ speed. cadence; COVID has taught us all that we think we can control life by planning it, but that is a bit of an illusion. Life has a way of happening around us. And today that lesson was taught to me again when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The prognosis is good, it’s not malignant but it does mean I will be postponing my cycling challenge this week, to walk alongside dad in his, more challenging week.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support, for me and for Leuchie’s guests.