Groundhog day

For the last 18 months we could all be forgiven for feeling as though we have been playing Bill Murray’s character in the early 90’s film ‘Groundhog Day’.

Every day feels like that day in March 2020 when normal life in the UK ceased. Normal routines have ended, and left without the usual punctuation we seem destined to repeat the same conversation, again and again with everyone we meet. You know the one, it starts with ‘the infection rate…’

The extremes to which we need to go to avoid Lockdown Groundhog are severe. For me it was a commitment to cycle 100 miles a day, every day for 5 days. It took 6 in the end - on the NorthCoast 500. The plan was to raise money for Leuchie House guests who, in a post code lottery of funding, were not receiving the necessary financial support to attend Leuchie for a much needed break.

You get a lot of undistracted thinking time when pushing pedals round for 500 miles. I couldn’t voice my frustration to any effect at the relentlessness of the hills, they couldn’t help simply being.

I couldn’t challenge the headwind which had me pedalling hard (down hill) - it was simply a fact of life.

As thoughtfully as I had planned my route, events took over from time to time and there were other paths that just had to be followed.

I loved it. I hated it. It was exhausting. Relentless, Groundhog Day - almost...

...yet at the end of each day I could stop and come what may, at the end of 6 days it would definitely end.

It’s hard not to see this as a metaphor for the lives of some families, carers and those with neurological conditions.

It’s why Leuchie exists, to let carers and those they care for stop pedalling...for a while.

Huge thanks to all who have supported this #Ride4Respite trip and raised funds to provide a much needed break at Leuchie - every pound donated will do that.

I’m off for a shower!

There is still time to donate or take on your own Ride4Respite challenge using the link below: