Digital Skills: How to access books online

By Elizabeth McDowell, Digital Skills Assistant

With the recent launch of Leuchie’s book club and as the libraries are closed until further notice, I thought it would be an apt time to talk about online books. During our Leuchie house accessible technology demonstrations, I have been telling guests about the free eBooks and eAudiobooks available from your local library. Most libraries across the UK have Borrowbox , which is an easy to use App you can download to a smartphone or tablet, to listen to or read books. Other libraries have access to a similar App, RBDigital, which additionally has free magazines, courses and art-house films. All you need to access this resource is a library card and pin number. Not sure if you will be able to get this set up while the libraries are closed, but you can apply online or use your existing library login details. Great offering for free!

However, the library’s selection of eAudiobooks is limited compared with the pay-for service, Amazon Audible books, which has over 200,000 titles. After a 30 day trial, Audible costs £7.99 per month, and allows you to download and keep 1 free audio book per month. Many of our bibliophile guests use Audible and love this service, and I have heard Audible often allow 2 books a month as a special offer!

Amazon Kindle Books is an eBook and audio book seller, and for £7.99 per month you can get unlimited access to borrow their books and audiobooks, after a 30 day free trial.

LibriVox has free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world. If you’re willing to take the time to search around the internet, there are hundreds of free audio and e book sites available.

If you like reading and enjoy discussing books why don't you join the newly launched Leuchie House Community Book Group on Facebook?