Bob’s epiblog

Last week our regular guest, Bob wrote his first ever blog in which he told us about his visit to the Apple store and his hunt for a voice activated phone. With his new phone now delivered, he's given us an update on how things have turned out. You guessed it, it's BOB'S EPIBLOG (sic)!"

I had a rubbish 24 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday. After a brief overnight sojourn in the Western General (I won’t bore you with the details!), I returned feeling much better.

This morning Leuchie's Guest Engagement Manager, Helen, set up the Apple iPhone SE. This afternoon Siri was able to send a text to my friend Phil, who replied. I then asked Siri to read his reply and bingo - we are now in the business of voice activated communication!

In my first blog I said that Apple Genius Richard was someone who knew-everything-about-all-things-Apple-and-everything-they-could-do-and-NOT-DO.

The NOT-DO is that Siri will not answer the phone. What use is a phone if you can’t answer it?!

Leuchie CEO, Mairi O’Keefe is going to write to California to point out that such an obvious thing has fallen through the cracks.