Bob’s blog 5: Fraternity; The Spirit of Leuchie

I had never come across Fraternity until 40 years ago when I arrived in Linlithgow.

On the first Tuesday, after the second Thursday in June, people from all over come to the town for the Riding of the Marches. Amongst many other things, this really means exchanging drams and having a good blether. Another word I’d never encountered before. Every year I look forward to this special day.

At Leuchie fraternity happens twice a year for me when a regular group get together and catch up. Instead of a dram, Jackie brought out the Baileys for our coffees at our table. Marlene, Jane, Jackie and I continued chatting until we found Sheila, housekeeping, hovering around lifting any glasses as soon as they were empty. So, we ended up still sitting with our coffees and no table cloth!

Marlene was a bit hesitant at first and just had a small tumbler of Baileys, this quickly gave her cheeks a rosy glow and she accused Jackie of leading her astray.

Jackie also suggested Baileys would go very well with Luca’s ice cream which we had for our dessert one evening. Of course she was spot on, and the scoops of ice cream swam in a good puddle of the coffee liqueur, which with a chocolate sauce made a superb combination.

For me, one of the most important things about Leuchie is just relaxing and socialising amongst friends, the essentials of fraternity. At home I don’t get the opportunity to see as many people. I really look forward to my visits to Leuchie. I’m sure it’s the same for other guests who build up friendships and make a point, like we do, of booking the next holiday as a group with Jo or Katy before we leave on the Friday.

PS The group used what was left of the Baileys in their coffee after breakfast. What an end to a wonderful fraternal holiday!

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