Bob’s blog 4: It isn’t a secret anymore!

I'll let you in to a well kept Leuchie secret. Tucked away behind the second floor charging station is a Jacuzzi bath.

Care Assistant Chris let me into that secret the first Wednesday of the holiday and after preparing the bath using his elbow to check the temperature as all good dad’s do, my feet were lowered into the water, and I sat on the seat. After shutting the door of the jacuzzi (most important!) and with the touch of a button the bath tilted so my lower body was covered with lovely hot water. The jets were then switched on, and increased in power, meaning you had to shout above the noise of the swirling water. It was lovely to get up early, and have a really relaxing soak that set me up for the day.

I could of stayed in there for an hour but I thought that after Chris noticed my fingers and toes getting wrinkly that it was time to come out. Chris took a picture of my knees surrounded by jets of water, and uploaded them into the Leuchie cloud with the new PCS device used to record care. I lost muscle tone after my MS diagnosis but I never ever, ever got admired for my shapely legs and knees!! I inherited them from my Dad. It is a shame we couldn’t take a video with sound.

The bath is not a secret anymore, and if you ask for a second floor bedroom you can enjoy the experience as much as I did.

When I went down to Physio at 09.30 and was put on the Vibrogym, instead of my feet being blue because of poor circulation, they were still pink from the effect of my bath.

Great result!

Editor's note - We have received feedback from Bob's brother Mike, questioning the quality of the image used above. While the water jets look fine, the image apparently does not do justice to Bob's nobbly knees!