Bob’s Blog 14 - Hot Hot Hot

Mark was true to his word (Blog 13). The exit to the lift is now a shiny glass and stainless steel affair. Mark did admit there was still some outstanding snagging as evidenced by the strips of Gorilla™ tape you see on the right-hand side as you glide up! I asked Colin Williams, Mr Fixit, what he had done with the agricultural woodwork. “Why?” I replied I would like 3 inches of 2 x 2 to replace the box of disposable gloves that wedged my window open! Colin as usual was well ahead of the game. He had his box of tools with him and was on his way up to do a professional job. I was looking forward to a nice cooling breeze blowing into my room, if only there was a breeze to blow!

The new lift is a very, very sensitive beast. If you shout or use sweary words nearby it goes straight up to the second floor in a huff never to return! You have been warned. I am convinced that Elizabeth and Kevan have digitally enabled the lift but Alexa hates being disrespected.

Eddie, breakfast volunteer, brought The North Berwick Pipe Band to play for us. While they were tuning up, guests were brought out the front door and given sun hats. I was suitably smothered with Factor 50. The programme of music was excellent. You have never experienced the sound of pipes until they come up close and personal. After they finished the programme the band came within 4 metres of us before they wheeled round to go back up the drive in a quick march to a medley, including Scotland the Brave. If you imagine ears being assaulted audibly you should get the picture! Marion asked for a special request and Lyle played The Black Isle right in front of her.

The hot weather brought out a few long shorts. Care Assistant, Jordi is unmistakeable in his characteristic, mismatched, multicoloured socks. I don’t know how he does it. Maybe he empties a huge pile into a box and picks out two whilst blindfolded every morning! There are also a few tattooed shins.

The hot ticket in North Berwick was for the finale of Fringe by the Sea. Victoria managed to get two tickets for a concert performed by The Royal Scottish National Orchestra who played John Williams’ movie scores for two hours including Star Wars, E.T and Indiana Jones. It was in the Belhaven Big Top with about 1,500 people sitting on plastic folding chairs. Our tickets entitled us to space on the podium at the back. Claire G, care assistant, unfortunately had one of those chairs whereas I was in my mobile recliner! We had a great view of the stage and the evening was fantastic, I’m sure there are better superlatives but you get my drift.

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform movie scores composed by John Williams.
The Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform movie scores composed by John Williams.

When I was here in May some guests complained they were not hot enough and the fire was lit on at least two nights. What a difference two months make. Global warming? Now that’s a hot topic.

Editors notes.

Elizabeth and Kevan, digital support team, strongly deny the allegations of lift tampering.

The weather changed towards the end of the holiday but calling this blog hot, hot, distinctly average just doesn’t sound right.

The KONE men were here to fix the lift so don’t be feart to go in the lift but make sure you don’t say anything until you’re well clear in case it goes off in a huff, yet again!