Bob's Blog 13 - 'First, First, First'

My first first was being whizzed, I use the term very loosely, in the futuristic, new, steel and glass lift to the second floor. I asked Mark about the agricultural woodwork at the exit which closely resembles a post and rail fence around a paddock. He assured me the egress would be sorted so it is to the same standard as the lift in time for my next holiday. On my bucket list if I win the lottery is dinner in the Mosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. I am sure the lift will be a wee bit faster than Leuchie's!

Another first was being pushed around the new woodland walk. I remember when I was first here, a friend wheeled me round but it took almost as long to wash the mud off the wheels as it did to complete the circuit. Katie Kershaw, the OT, first trundled me down to the gate house as I wanted to see the damage done by storm Eunice in February. A tree was brought down across the access road, which caused a lot of inconvenience until it could be logged. I saw there were plenty of small branches, which will see us well stocked with wood for the quiet room fire this winter and the next. The new surface of the walk is great. A one-way system should be adopted to avoid having to go off-piste and get muddy wheels if you meet another guest coming the other way! The walk goes under some magnificent horse chestnut trees currently in full bloom. Great to see. I’m sure the deer will be looking forward to the late summer when the conkers fall.

Horsechestnut Tree in Leuchie Grounds
Horsechestnut Tree in Leuchie Grounds

We also stopped halfway around to admire the Leuchie hare...

Molly Hare
Molly Hare under the lights on the Woodland Walk

I first met Kevan Gordon when I was the ‘guest’ interviewer in the selection process for the position of Digital Skills Coordinator. I'm not sure if my report was taken into consideration by the board but he is now in post! He has already been instrumental in an upgrade to my digital access and I am sure he will be a great asset for Leuchie.

It’s not often I say I must buy that … not a man thing. However, when Sarah Shearer the Podiatrist massaged my feet with Gehwol Fusskraft cream, sending off the most pleasant eucalyptus aroma, I immediately asked her to order me a tub. It is vegan, an added bonus for those of you who are particularly worried about what they rub into their skin!

I have always been an advocate for Margaret and Audrey’s culinary skills and really enjoy the meals coming out of the kitchen. However, on the Monday afternoon weigh-in, I was told I had put on another kilo! I am now on a self-imposed diet - the first ever! I have soup at lunch and a small main at dinner so I can leave room for a dessert. I’m fully aware that losing even 500g is a struggle but I’m determined to do it before August so that I can get back to eating a full menu.

I joined an informal group in 2018. Jackie, an avid theatre-goer, suggested that one of our trips out could be to the Edinburgh Playhouse. Since then, Jackie, now our Social Secretary (see Blog 2) books tickets for up to 8 guests every time we get together in May and October. Our past outings tended to be to musicals but there were none scheduled for this holiday. After consultation with the theatre group, we decided to take a punt and book tickets to see Brydon, Mack and Mitchell in their show Town to Town, in the hope that the COVID restrictions would be eased. It is not surprising we chose this show as we are all big fans of Would I Lie to You? Emma, Head of Care, gave us her permission to go on the understanding that she came with us :) This is not technically a first, but it felt like a first. It is just so long since we were last at a show.