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A virtual experience!

Leuchie has been at it’s very best this holiday. Sadly, our group has recently lost one of its founder members, Anne Kydd from Glenisla. An afternoon tea was held in her honour where we reminisced about the happy times we spent together.

Several years ago one of my Leuchie trips out was to a unit at East Linton where I had the great virtual experience of diving under the ocean with sharks. One of the highlights of this stay was the demonstration of a new concept of lowcost virtual reality. Instead of a heavy headset, a mobile loaded with the video was inserted into a simple cardboard holder and held to the eyes. I really enjoyed going out on a lobster creel boat in choppy water although Jackie felt a bit queasy when it was her turn. I was made of sterner stuff! I was convinced I could feel pain when a creel was ‘dropped’ on my foot and when a crew member ‘walked’ into me, my head went back intuitively. I recommend you try this out on your holiday if you get the opportunity.

The entertainment was special with live music from an accordionist one evening who played everything from the usual Scottish stuff through Country and Western to modern classics. We also thoroughly enjoyed a visit from a virtuoso guitarist who had us singing and even got the care assistants ‘dancing’ to Riverdance. Elvis entered the building on the last evening which was a fitting finale to the holiday.

Elvis enters the building!
Elvis enters the building!