Being a Carer in Covid - part 3

Hilda came back from a thoroughly enjoyable break at Leuchie at the start of December. Being in the shielding category and having mobility problems, it was a real benefit to be able to meet and greet the folk at this respite break. Yes, it was different with covid precautions in place, but she was able to come out of her shell, spend time with people, make friends and take part in activities.

Our situation is doubly difficult because not only do I look after Hilda, but our son Jamie as well who has the same condition. It can be like spinning plates, take your eye off the plates and they fall. Covid has added a further complication to this making it extremely exhausting!

When Hilda was at Leuchie I knew she was well looked after so Jamie and I found somewhere that he could do some adventurous stuff whilst in a bubble and socially distanced. Breaking up the year with holidays and activities whilst giving me a chance to recharge is a life line for us. Going to Leuchie was like a signal that things were getting back to normal.

How wrong were we? After Christmas it was back to Zoom meetings to keep Jamie in touch with his day centre which is so important to him. It is very isolating when you can't get out and about because of the snow and ice. Helen called to check in and couldn't speak to Hilda as she was doing a yoga session on Zoom! Facebook gives you an opportunity to catch up with what is going on at Leuchie which was excellent last lockdown. These small methods of connecting to the outside world really do boost the mood in the house and give us all something to look forward to. We really enjoyed the Zoom catch up on Saturday with other Leuchie friends.

This lockdown I have even resorted to going back to some baking with Jamie. Focaccia bread tomorrow methinks, it's Hilda's favourite!

Jigsaws are a method of spending time with Jamie as we never seemed to have time before lockdown!

Hilda is eagerly awaiting her next trip to Leuchie. Leuchie is like a family, the staff are more like friends and we miss you all.

Robin, Hilda & Jamie