Volunteer role: gardening

I started volunteering at Leuchie about a year ago. I'm retired now but have had various types of work in the past. I've been a ship's navigator, an air traffic controller, I was self-employed in the hospitality industry, I've worked as a stevedore, and in the mission field ...

I decided to volunteer at Leuchie mainly because I like being around people. It's also about keeping yourself occupied - you can easily fall into a state of staring at four walls when you've retired!

When I first came to Leuchie I started by assisting at mealtimes and on outings occasionally. Then I fell into helping with gardening. There was a need for outdoor help every week, particularly with grass mowing, so it suited me to do something like that on a regular basis. I still come in to assist guests at mealtimes now and again too, when required.

I really enjoy mixing with folk at Leuchie and I've met some very interesting people since I started volunteering. I also enjoy the peaceful, laid back atmosphere around the house and grounds.

I find that volunteering at Leuchie gives me the freedom to be myself and to help out, without being in a regimented environment which I would find constricting.

It's an opportunity too to see some of the many challenges we can face through life and to be a help in some way.

I'd say to anyone interested in volunteering at Leuchie, don't hesitate to come and explore the numerous ways you can be of use. It's a very worthy cause.

I've got my wife, Jan, involved now - she's just started as a gardening volunteer too!

If you're interested in becoming a Leuchie volunteer we'd love to hear from you! Click here to find out more about volunteering opportunities at Leuchie, how you'll benefit and the difference you'll make.