Fundraising ideas

Leuchie needs YOUR help!

Fundraising support is vital to Leuchie. Whether it’s taking part as an individual in an event, sponsoring friends, organising an event, placing collection cans on your shop counter or nominating Leuchie for a donation from your club or organisation, there are loads of different ways you can help to raise funds:

  • Organise an event: pub quiz nights, golf competitions, musical concerts and ceilidhs are just some of the events people have organised for Leuchie in the past! Large or small, if you have an event in mind, get in touch for a chat.
  • Do a sponsored challenge: whatever your level of fitness, there's sure to be a sponsored challenge you can do for Leuchie. You'll find some ideas in our fundraising guide.
  • Invite us to talk to your club: we are always happy to speak at club or association meetings to tell members more about our work, or to come along to say a few words at an event or presentation. If you think your group might be interested, contact Tracy Lonie to find out more.
  • Display a Leuchie collection can: collection cans are a great way of raising funds and our profile.  We have team of can coordinators who would be happy to look after your can if you can display one in your shop or office for us.
  • Nominate Leuchie as your school's charity of the year: if your school would like to we’re happy to come along to speak to individual classes or school assemblies – or to discuss any projects pupils may want to take part in.
  • Amazon Smile: choose Leuchie as your charity with Amazon Smile and every time you shop on Amazon, you'll raise a donation for Leuchie without it costing you a penny extra!

However you think you can help, we'd love to hear from you!

Phone us for a chat on 01620 892864, email us for more information, or get in touch to arrange a visit to Leuchie. We look forward to hearing from you!