Leuchie’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus update as of 27th March 4pm*

Dear colleagues and supporters,

In these strange times, having a solid purpose is helping all at Leuchie to get by. From Monday 30th we are taking NHS Patients into Leuchie who are currently in NHS hospitals, but who do not need intensive medical care. This is really important work to be undertaken by our fantastic and highly skilled team. Importantly, it will free up critical hospital beds for people affected by the Coronavirus.

We will be open 24/7 for 6 months, managing and delivering this new service on behalf of the NHS and I commend colleagues for their flexibility on continuing to provide a front line service, working extra shifts and over our normally closed weekends. We think that at this time this is the very best use of the charity’s capabilities, and it is in line with our core purpose. 

We are keeping in touch with our usual guest group, many of whom are particularly isolated and some of whom are struggling as their vital care at home support has fallen away. We are providing advice, coordinating support and for those who have the technology, we have put in place a variety of social media opportunities ranging from last night’s sing along during our new ‘Leuchie Live Lounge’ on Thursday evenings to a monthly book club.

Some of the work which is vital to our usual service delivery has been temporarily stood down, with staff generously agreeing to take up the government furlough scheme. This means that they will not work and be paid just 80% of their salary for the time being, returning when this present crisis ends. It is a credit to colleagues, who have taken this so very well.

In addition to the human costs, there is a very real financial impact for Leuchie. Our income will be very significantly reduced, our usual fundraising events are cancelled or postponed and we expect that families who need Leuchie will present us with huge demand when the current restrictions lift. They will be exhausted and unwell as a result.

We are doing all that is within our power to help now, to support our NHS and to be here for those who will desperately need our care and support in the months ahead.

The wider Leuchie community has always been generous and I am humbled to have received kind words and donations already. However, we will need significant financial support if we are to continue to be here to help in the future.

Today we are launching an Emergency Appeal, and if you can help in however small a way, please click here.    

Meanwhile, we wish you all well,

Mark Bevan, Chief Executive

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I have a break booked at Leuchie House. Will it be open?

Having taken advice from the Government and public health officials, Leuchie House has made the difficult decision to suspend all respite breaks until the 6th July. The bookings team are contacting guests who have planned to come to Leuchie over this period of temporary closure. This action is in line with the public health advice that those with vulnerable health should make arrangements to shield themselves from the virus from Friday 20th March.

We anticipate this could now last for 6 months. For guests with holidays booked between the 6th July and the 28th September, our bookings team will remain in contact but will confirm in June whether we will be able to provide your break.

Will I get refunded if my break is cancelled?

Bookings will be offered at a later date or a full refund will be given.


What if I have a break booked beyond this date?

We are holding all booking between the 6th July and the 28th September, and will confirm with guests in June. 


What if I have a break booked beyond this date and would like to cancel?

We respect the choices of our guests during this time, and would ask that you speak with Katy or Jo in our bookings office about breaks booked beyond this date on 01620 892864