Announcement: Temporary service suspension

Tuesday, 5 January 

It seems odd to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year in the context of our times, perhaps more appropriate to wish you a year in which it ends better than it is starting!

That said, it is (just) starting to seem a little lighter in the evening and along with that light comes hope for a more normal 2021, with the new vaccine already on its way in Scotland. There is much to look forward to in the year ahead, but first we have to get through the next few weeks.

By the time you read this you will probably have heard the news of Scotland’s lockdown. Infection rates are rising, including amongst teenagers. School opening is delayed and hospitals are starting to see an increase in cases, including in intensive care wards. We have therefore decided with the Leuchie House Board and with a heavy heart that the safest course of action for our guests is for Leuchie to remain closed in January. This is based on many factors, including impact on staffing levels, guest safety and comfort and demand on hospital and ambulance services.  We are extending our short term pause in service and will not open to guests on the 18th January. We do plan to open to guests on Monday, 1st February.

All guests due in this period have been contacted by Jo and Katy to re-book and to re-schedule COVID testing.  We will maintain an on-line presence, continue to offer digital skills support and on line social contact.  Some administrative cover will remain in place to support guests due in future holidays.

Due to the generous support of so many and our ability to use the Government Job Retention Scheme (Furlough), Leuchie will weather the short-term consequences. At this time, we are more concerned about our guests' wellbeing than our long term financial position. During the next few weeks we will be helping to administer the vaccine in other Care Homes and to support the NHS testing programme. I am sorry that we will not be here for you in our usual way for a few weeks, but we will be doing all that we can to get back to normal as soon as possible.

In fact, we have much to look forward to in the year ahead. In July, we will celebrate our 10th birthday, and we have a few ideas up our sleeves - won’t it be great to have a proper party to look forward to!

I think that’s as much as I know and can tell you for now... Other than I know you will be in the thoughts of everyone who works and volunteers at Leuchie.

The office will be open reduced hours Monday-Friday for queries. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we respond to your queries. 

We all look forward to seeing you soon.

With all good wishes,

Mark Bevan and all at Leuchie House