Bunting for better times

In an attempt to keep busy over this lockdown period we've seen people becoming very creative, taking up new hobbies and resurrecting old ones. Here at Leuchie we thought it would be a good idea to get both our new residents and our staff involved in making bunting!

Bunting is really easy to make and requires very little sewing skills. It had been suggested that we make a quilt but thought we'd better practice our sewing skills with something a little easier before we moved on to this bigger challenge!

Our aim is to make a mile of bunting!! Enough to decorate the house and garden for when we re-open and can welcome our respite guests again; when life starts to return to normal (or the new normal – whatever that may be)  

What you require:

Sewing tape or ribbon (thick enough to be folded over) - If you don't have any you can buy it here.
Needle and thread.
Scraps of material (old clothes, bedding, scarfs etc). If you don't have any you can buy bundles here.
A cardboard template.

Making a triangle template:

Take a piece of cardboard (delivery or cereal box), mark out the shape and cut out the template. I've used 15cm (along the top) and 17cm (in length) but you can go bigger! 

Then use this to mark out the area for cutting on one side of your material. 



















Assembling the bunting:

Cut the length of sewing tape or ribbon to the desired length you wish your bunting to be. Place the 15cm (shortest) edge of the triangle over half of the tape/ribbon and fold over the other half and stitch into place. Place the next triangle directly along side the previous one and keep stitching… 


Please share pictures of any creations you make on social media with the hashtag #LeuchieBunting