Day break service

Leuchie’s day break service offers you a chance to get away from your usual routine for a day, meet new friends, try new things and relax in a different environment.

It also gives your family or carer a regular break too, knowing that you have all the specialist care and support you need.

Day breaks are available Monday-Thursday every week, from 10am-4pm. Our day break guests come to Leuchie on the same day each week so you’ll soon make new friends and always have familiar company. You’ll also take part in activities with Leuchie’s residential guests so there are always new people to chat to and get to know.

Our day break guests tell us that coming to Leuchie for a day each week makes a real difference to them. They welcome the chance to share experiences with people in a similar situation. It can also help them to feel less isolated and give them an improved sense of wellbeing.

You'll take part in our daily activities programme, and can access our physiotherapy service. And you'll enjoy a home cooked lunch with our other guests.

Our day break service costs £20 per day. (You will arrange and pay for your own transport to and from Leuchie.)

To find out more or to arrange a visit, please phone 01620 892864.

"It’s the best place I’ve ever been for day respite. It’s about the people and the feel of the place."

  • Call us to find out more 01620 892 864