I’ve been a volunteer at Leuchie House since April 2018. Before that I was a country solicitor, working mainly in Norfolk.

After my wife and I retired in Norfolk at the end of 2016, we spent eight months with our family in North America, before looking around the UK and finding our new home in North Berwick.

Being new to the area, volunteering at Leuchie is a way of widening my social network and getting involved in the local community. It has also proved fascinating being able to participate in the unique experience offered to guests.

My main role is working with the guest engagement team on Tuesdays, helping deliver the daily activities programme. I’m also available occasionally for other calls, such as meal assistance with a busy group and to help out on outings.

In my short time at Leuchie, I have been fortunate to be invited to accompany guests on outings to the Seabird Centre in North Berwick and the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. I’m also looking forward to assisting with Leuchie’s stall at the Open Gardens day at Tyninghame House later this month.

I enjoy the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff and guests.  I regard it as a particular privilege to be able to meet the guests and hear their stories.  Of two I was talking to recently, I was struck by what they had been able to achieve. One had gone on to gain a 2:1 degree in history, after working as a butcher for 20 years. The other had raised £4,500 for Leuchie by taking on a sponsored challenge to fly in a microlight.

It’s clear that guests look forward to their stay at Leuchie, as demonstrated by repeat visits by many of them. It is satisfying to think you may, as a volunteer, be able to add an extra dimension through your interest in, and involvement with, guests during their break.

I also enjoy the variety of entertainment on offer at Leuchie and the superb location.

For anyone considering volunteering at Leuchie House, I’d encourage them to embrace this very worthy cause in whatever way possible.

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